How to make a home sale without a Realtor?

We have been witnessing the housing market has been growing steadily. Things have changed; investors have gained proficient knowledge about real estate wholesaling. Those days are gone when sellers needed a Realtor to do a Dallas home for sale.

Home-selling process

DIY approach (“do it yourself”) has been followed by many of the home sellers. In turn, they are saving money as they don’t need to pay real estate commission. Statistical reports says around five to six percent of the money can be saved. The recent surveys concluded that most of the millennial go through the home selling process by themselves or in other world “for sale by owner” / FSBO. The unnecessary issues can be avoided as all the Realtors aren’t reliable to work with. Evolution of technology has been constantly influencing real estate wholesaling. Drones are used to take aerial photographs which can be used in property listing sites for pulling the large crowd of potential home buyers. On the other hand, the landlords have become busy and home inspections are done virtually where real estate photography is done exclusively and posted on the virtual home selling websites. Before the “for sale” sign inclusion, bring a professional who is well-experienced in home-staging process. After reviewing the property, he will be giving his suggestions on home-improvements which you need to follow to do a quick Dallas home for sale. De cluttering is a process where you need to remove all junk and personal stuff which will give a new appealing look to your home. He needs to frame a timeline where he needs to allocate time for each process like loan approval, home inspection, appraisal and marketing. The marketing should be intense and it should reach wide set of home-buyers at a time. As you don’t take the assistance of a Realtor in the process, you need to do aggressive advertising and promotion both in social and print media. You also save a lot of money when you DIY. Do a quick research on frequently visited real estate websites to publish your wholesale property listings.


There are quite a lot of websites which encourages home sellers to do FSBO. Though you need to spend some money to build your listing, it will be all worth as you get authentic source of information. It’s quite a herculean task to do a home sale on your own; you need to put enormous effort and work hard to get the real profit. You can find new prospective buyers through this process which may be useful for investors having multiple properties to be sold. There are some circumstances where everything will be right (pricing, location, listing), yet remains in the market unsold. Then take some property management company‘s assistance to know whether anything is wrong and whether your property has a fair market value or not. If you are working from morning to evening, then make sure you convey that information to all the prospective buyers who has showed interest on your property. Invite them after your working hours for the home-inspection so that you don’t miss out any of the potential buyers.

Rehab properties

Apart from new homes, we also have wholesale rehab properties for sale. These properties require major renovation and repair work. At this juncture, sellers need to spend a lot of money; instead they can do real estate wholesaling where the buyer will take care of heavy cosmetic rehab work. You just need to find a wholesaler, in turn he will fetch you a potential buyer within the stipulated time frame.

These are some ways to do a quick Dallas home for sale without a Realtor.