How to do quick home sale in Phoenix?

Fair market value of a property can be determined by CMA (comparable market analysis) method. The property listings help the buyers to search for rental properties. Homes must be priced properly as overpricing will result in property getting unsold for a long time. Quick home sale in Phoenix is quite a tedious process as it involves lot of people. The sellers should understand that the competition between buyers is strong. To fix the property value discuss with a licensed real estate professional to get a realistic view of the market trends. The real estate investors should take decisions based on the net profit, amount to be spent for rehab. Statistical reports say that 70 percent of the home-buyers view the property listing after several months.

Quick home sale in Phoenix

Phoenix is a highly populated city in the state of Arizona. Finding cash home-buyers in is quite a tedious task. Cash buyers are considered first by the sellers when there are multiple offer situations. Look out for company when you choose a cash buyer. To assess the entire market value, you may have to wait 3 to 6months provided aggressive marketing is done by you or real estate agent.

  • De-Clutter and remove all the junk and personal stuff.
  • Consider the industry standards when you fix the market value
  • Do online research to know how the homes are priced in your neighborhood
  • Improve the curb appeal to give an enticing look.
  • Repaint the walls and finish off all repair work.
  • Furnish the entire home.
  • Do a mock home inspection with qualified home inspectors.
  • Be ready with your paper work

Buyers look out for

  • Price of the property
  • Time period (“how long it has been on the market?”)
  • Negotiating leverage

If the home is unsold,

  • Seller lowers the price
  • Buyers negotiate the property value

When a buyer is negotiating with a seller who doesn’t’ oblige to reduce the market value, the buyer could lose a great home that just hit the market. 30 percent of the homes are unsold because they are overpriced. Time and money are key factors in quick home sale.

How is Phoenix real estate market?

The real estate market boomed, bubbled due to a variety of factors. The city has resurged from the real estate collapse occurred decade ago, and there is no occurrence of “bubble”. The employment rate is pretty good and it is yet another positive sign. Single-family are sold in plenty and quickly in this city. Foreclosed homes are also sold equally and it has gained it importance again as investors prefer distressed properties to do small investments. The capital groups are creating business models for rental properties and multi-family homes. Owing to high population, there is a scarcity of new homes. Commercial markets will continue to slowly improve. There are lots of millennial buyers, when rental prices range from $1,600 and $1,700 per month. Mortgage rates are also increasing on the other hand. The 2018 will be a promising year for sellers as professionals have predicted that the trend will be progressive. In June 2017, the median home price in Phoenix was around $268,000. About 19,000 new homes were built. Owing to quick home sale in Phoenix, it is considered to be a seller’s market and buyers find it challenging to buy a home in this city.