Guidelines to choose the right Realtor

Realtor is a very important person in the real estate as they help you out in buying and selling homes in Richmond. Apart from that, they help you in assisting at the time of home inspection, paper work and during several other formalities of buying and selling process. It is necessary to take a lot of time to decide the right real estate agent to work along with you in the project.

Many investors commit the mistake of choosing an agent who charges the lowest real estate commission, that’s the biggest blunder. Instead, investigate about the previous projects experience, how reputable and reliable he is in the real estate market, has there been any suspicious activity that he has got caught recently or in the past?

You can also find a licensed real estate agent with proficient knowledge but with no previous experience. If you find him reliable, you can hire him in your project. The knowledge will surely help him out to work in the project. This option is not suitable if you are a first time buyers in selling homes in Richmond. There are separate agents for seller and buyer or sometimes one who works for both is called dual agent.

Each agent has some unique quality. Look out how professional and how well he negotiates.

What are the qualifications of a good realtor?


  • Member of NAR (National association of realtors), there are several other certifications which makes him earn credentials. If he has gone through everything, then he will be the right person to work with.
  • In case you are buying a rental property, he should negotiate and make sure you get the best deal.
  • You can talk to his past clients, enquire about his honesty level, how much has he helped during their project, the overall experience, how much he charges and on what basis.
  • Part-time agents are to be avoided.
  • Choose an agent who is working in your area, so you can talk and consult him often.
  • Wholesale property listings are sent to Realtors first before the property portals, MLS. So hiring an agent will help you to find properties quick.
  • Check out whether he has got any experience in specific type of property. For e.g. you are looking out for condo or town home or luxury home, he should be able to find those properties in the best location at affordable price.
  • Interview several agents and then choose the best among them who qualify in all aspects.
  • Ask how he can be communicated. A tech-savvy agent will be helpful in advertising your ad easily as well.
  • In case, you are looking out for a property to start your business or open a retail store, he should be able to find appropriate commercial real estate deals
  • Enquire about his network, whether he has contacts with many sellers, property management companies etc.

A realtor with all the above specified qualifications will definitely fit into your project.