Checklist before buying a home

Buying a home in vancouver is exciting. But before you fall in love with the property,

The article describes the necessary criteria that have to be satisfied when you buy a home.

Allocate sufficient funds to purchase a home, else opt for mortgage as per your financial status. When you are attending an open house or home inspection, just don’t get carried away by the exterior or interiors. There are many other important things to pay attention to before buying a home. Check why the property is on sale, the property is on the listing sites or not, about the neighborhood and the location. Look out for supermarket, pharmacy, hospital, school are close by or not. Check whether transports facilities are there to commute. Find the size of each room and how many storage units have been attached. Visualize whether your things can fit into this apartment. Look out for any leaks, dampness or stains if it is newly constructed home or renovated recently.

If you are confident of buying a home in vancouver, then go for the measurement as you need to bring the furniture, refrigerator, cot etc. in order to do so, measure each room’s width and height. Kitchen layout is prime factor that many buyers prefer to see first. Ensure the drainage and sewage system are working properly.

You can think how outdoor space can be used. Parking facilities have to be checked, scrutinize the walls, ceilings, flooring, lofts. Look how windows are placed. Ventilation and lighting are to be checked. Look out for safety concerns. Ensure all emergency facilities are available in case of any mishap. Check the surrounding zoning, this will prevent from high raised units not coming up near your apartment and make sure your apartment is free from environmental hazards. Determine the weather condition of the home whether it is hot or cold, how it looks and feels during the day/evening/ seasonally how it will change, you can check this by visiting the property at different timings. Go for the home inspection with the agent and the home inspector to get a clear picture. Do pest inspection before buying a home as well to make sure your home is free from insects and pests.

Legal verification before buying a home in vancouver


  • Check for approval and license
  • Environmental clearance
  • Approved building plan
  • Property tax receipts
  • Local body approval
  • List of banks financing the project
  • Builder, their previous projects.
  • Infrastructure plan
  • Plot registration

Documents needed before buying a home

  • Title deed: check for builder’s rights over the property.
  • Purchase agreement
  • Power of attorney: legal authority given to another person by the property owner on his behalf.

Certificates required

  • Occupancy: checked by authorities whether it meets all the specified norms, ready for occupancy is checked, commencement.
  • Completion: if project is completed-issued by municipality that the construction is built satisfying all the norms mentioned in the approval plan
Ensure you have all the necessary documents before you buy a home. .