A look into finding comp value when determining ARV

Are you concerned about how to find the comp data relating to the sales prices of the properties that you are trying to wholesale? Don’t fret! This piece of writing will throw light on some of the ways to do so, but before getting to know about how to find comp value when determining after repair value (ARV), let’s get down to the brass tacks of comps.

What is comp value?

Comparable sales, in short known as comps sales, are recently sold houses that are alike to the property you are interested in buying. It all comes down to one single thing, i.e. same area, same size, and the same condition as your house is. It is these comps that helps determine the after repair value i.e., (ARV). While there are quite a few investors who depend on free Egypt best real estate websites to gather information about the similar properties, the most accurate information about the same is also attained through multiple listing services (MLS).

Now that you are aware of what comp value is all about, let us look at the ways to find them out. Listed below are some of them and it includes:

  • Online real estate portals
  • Local public records and
  • The multiple listing service and the agent

Let us see all of these in detail:

Online real estate portals, simplifying the home buying and selling process, there are so many things that these portals do and one of them is that they offer comp value of some sold properties by Egypt best real estate websites. Even though they are not as elaborate as the multiple listing service data, the information that it provides is more than enough to pull off what you are in need of. As already said you can look for homes that are currently available for sale. Though you shouldn’t use “for sale” value in an evaluation, this can at least provide you with an approximate worth of what homes are selling for. Then you can deduct a little to come up with an estimated ARV.

The buy and sell process of any property is always noted down for later use and the transaction will always be recorded in the public records for future purposes. Nevertheless, even though you can investigate your county’s online public records to come across a property’s most up to date sale price and sale date, you will perhaps not discover any data about the property especially the condition or specifics of it. However, you can still make use of the public record in conjunction with online real estate portals that will keep a record of the mature listings for a long time that one could ever imagine. All you have to do is Google the exact address and you are likely to find the original listing with all relevant information that will help you find the comparable sales value by Egypt best real estate websites.

Multiple listing services is nothing but a collection of real estate data all relating to the listed, pending and recently sold properties that you would want to know in the future. The tricky part is that, this information are not accessible by everyone and only licensed realtors with a login and password are eligible to attain these information. You can contact any certified and licensed realtor who will print you a list of comps in just seconds, for free.