6 Easy ways to rehab property for sale in Atlanta

House Rehabbing: An effective way of real estate investments

There are many types of real estate investment,

  • Buying single family homes
  • Renting houses and getting cash flow income
  • Flipping houses

House rehabbing is a one such investment methods, but unlike others, it needs lot of hard work and dedication. When you decide to rehab the house for personal accommodation or to sell it, from researching the property to selling it to a potential buyer, there is lot of process involved.

Research before rehabbing the property

For both personal and resale purpose, you have to do a proper research before purchasing the house. Location is an important factor and many sellers buy the properties in hot selling area so that after rehabbing it sells fast. After location, you have to check whether the house is structurally good enough to rehab. If the house has a strong structure, then you will find it easy to do rehabbing and requires you very less work.

Whereas, if you are buying the house which is not so good in structure, then you may have demolish the entire building and start everything from scratch. It requires lot of work, man power and you need to spend more money on it.

How to rehab property for sale in Atlanta without exceeding the budget

When it comes to rehabbing, renovation or repairs, always remember that it will always exceed the budget and you have to plan accordingly. Make sure you have sufficient cash before starting the process since you should not stop in the middle due to lack of money. If you delay the rehab process, then the material and labor might get increased and you have to face lot of struggles. Likewise, you cannot sell the house soon in the market which might cause many hassles.

Calculate the material and labor cost for rehab process and ensure that it does not exceed the selling price. Create the rough estimation of all the expenses and then decide the selling price for your home. If you are too concerned about the expenses, then be ready to get your hands dirt. You can do some of the basic and easy rehab process like painting and fix ups etc. Do not depend on the contractor for each and every thing, try to save as much as possible.

Hiring a contractor to rehab property for sale in Atlanta

If the property is too old and has lot of work to do, then better hire a professional contractor who can do his best in the job. You cannot fix the leaky roof or replace the HVAC system which needs the professional hands. So while hiring the contractor, analyze whether he has experience with the job and has a potential to do everything on his own. You can get to know these details within one or two days after seeing his work.

At any cost, you should not do extensive renovations since you have to take back the money invested on rehabbing process. So be mindful about the expenses and the profit you expect from the deal. At first, it might seem to be a tedious job, but after rehabbing two or more properties, the job gets easier and gains you more profit. By the time you will get more exposure with the people involved in the job which makes it easier.

Got a rehab property for sale in Atlanta? Then this article might be of great help to you before stepping onto the process!