Why your rental property is vacant? Reasons and solutions!

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Posted on November 10, 2017

rental property is vacant in California

If your rental property is vacant in California is sitting on the market week after week and month after month, then you need to do something that would change the situation. The reasons why your property is not renting may be endless, but the solution to this within your reach. Now let’s discuss some of them here, along with what can be done for it.

  • Your rent price isn’t competitive – Inaccuracy and higher price point may also be one of the reasons why your rental property is vacant in California is sitting in the market for a long time. Pricing the rental accurately and competitively is important and for this you need to do your own research on the similar rentals in your neighborhood. Having said that, you can also scour any famous real estate listing websites to have an idea, if not you can purchase a rental comparison report and then go for sell your property in Hawaii.
  • Your rental property isn’t appealing – Sometimes the look of the property will be the main reason for the hold back. When the property itself at fault, you need to take necessary measures, in order to make it appealing and for this, you should consider everything from the curb appeal to the condition of the interior. Invest in improvements that will pay back over time.
  • Location issues – Location of the property will determine a lot of things. Well, this is least possible to change, but try to make the best of what you have by making some amendments to it. 
  • Your rental isn’t noticeable – Limiting your effort on marketing your rental is one of the biggest mistakes that you might be committing, this applies to new landlords. Just a “for rent” sign is not enough; your promotion should be far more than that. Seeing the fact that almost 50% of people living in rentals are under the age of 30, you should consider online marketing as well. An effective marketing along with the right information about the california rental property is vacant is highly essential and it includes:
  1. Cost of rent
  2. Required deposit
  3. Square footage
  4. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  5. Appliances included
  6. Important policies

A gallery of photos with your listing is highly important in order to have the maximum reach and this will help people to know exactly about your property.

Depending on the property type, you may get few to no leads or entirely unqualified leads, now that you are aware of the reasons, next time when you are renting, make sure that you follow these instructions.

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