How to do wholesale house flipping Toronto?

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Posted on February 5, 2018

wholesale house flipping toronto

Wholesale house flipping toronto, also called as wholesale real estate investing is nothing but the way of investing in real estate market to make money. In this process, the property is owned by the investor but he will not use it for his own purposes but to sell it in the market.

In short flipping houses means, realtors buying the houses for market value or even below that and selling it to the buyer for higher market value. Generally the success of house flipping depends on the appreciation value of the property and also the location. If the real estate market is continuously declining, then house flipping might not be of great success. Whereas, buying and selling properties in hot real estate market with proper research and gaining more profit within short period of time is an easy job to do.

Location, an important thing to be noted while wholesale house flipping Toronto

In real estate industry, the importance of the location is often stated as,” Location, Location, Location”. Why? Because if you want the buyer to purchase the property then you should have your property located in a good location. Gather information on the upcoming projects, schools, educational institutions and other amenities nearby the property to be sold. You can convince the buyer with such information and the buyers often accept the offers if there are some good schools near their residence.

Even if you have bought the property in an average location, search for some good info and try to convince the buyers with that. Buying a good located and structurally sound properties is a half success for your real estate investments.

Fix up the wholesale house flipping in Toronto

Some might opt to sell the property in as is condition, while others will do necessary repairs and small renovations before selling to get more money. If your house is structurally good and just needs some small fix ups then without any second thought, do it. But, plan the budget accordingly and do not take a big leap. Many sellers often worry about the selling price since they did costly renovations. Do necessary repairs and decorations like painting up the walls, fixing the ceilings etc.

Repairs and renovations

If you are determined to repair before wholesale house flipping Toronto, then go ahead and create a well devised plan. The more extensive the renovation is, the more money it will cost you. Many sellers have dragged behind in this step, hence beware of the expenses. You can also hire an expert who can calculate the cost of fixing and renovations for you.  Again, before hiring a realtor, make sure he is affordable and will be helpful to you in the project.


Last but not least, even after renovating the houses perfectly, many house sellers find it difficult to sell their house due to overpricing issues. Doing unwanted renovations and wanting the buyer to bear the expenses for those renovations is not a wise thing to do. Do not overprice the property because you cannot sell it faster. Find the comparable homes for sale in the neighborhood and price the property accordingly. The first thing any buyer would notice before walking in the home is its price, so put the attractive price tag for your home to gain more potential buyers.

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