Simple Tips for Getting Great Real Estate Deals

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Posted on February 18, 2017

Real estate deals tips

Real estate deals tips :

You may think of possessing a home as rental or for that matter flip houses. You may even contemplate on doing something that is different from this. The key is that everything narrows down on finding the perfect real estate deal.

Now let’s see some tips to find good deals on your real estate.

  • Someone will have deferred from paying the mortgage payment for a long period. Here then the lender will repossess the property. The previous occupants will also not stay in the house. As soon as the property becomes vacant the lender usually lists the America real estate property for sale. This is done with the help of a local real estate agent. Foreclosure in itself is not a good thing for the owner of the house since his house is being taken hold of.

When the buyer is purchasing a foreclosure in the courthouse, he should take note of certain aspects. While buying a property at the courthouse comes with little competition, it also has its share of cons.

Till the time of foreclosure the property was under the possession of the homeowner. Hence you will not be able to get to the interiors of the property and check for its efficiency. Also there will be the possibility of hidden defects in the property and you won’t be having sufficient time to carry out formal inspection. Besides, there will be the possibility of hidden liens in case of buying foreclosure in the courthouse.

Banks are in the industry of lending money and not handling the property. Hence they will provide huge discounts to part off with the deal. When the buyers are allright with the thought of doing a rehab on the property, additional discounts may be provided to set right the things. This is because the foreclosure process may extend for a long time.

  • Get associated with several agents. You can maintain a list of specific REO agents. You can also find out agents who maintain good rapport with investors. When you explain them your needs they will be of help to you.
  • It is suggested that you have efficient marketing campaign that is focused on the target market. Here then you can negotiate in a direct manner with the seller.
  • Properties that are put up for sale by owner are generally not listed. These properties also go for a lesser price than the listed properties. The buyer can negotiate in a direct manner with the seller of the property. If the deal is not suitable for you tell it in a manner that does not hurt the seller. You can fix up a time to see the property in a regular basis.
  • The seller who is inclined to sell will post the ads in newspapers etc. You can respond to such ads. They will also be active in social media. But just as you respond you should also keep a track of what you are doing.
  • You can ask people whom you wish to whether they are aware of a property that is to be sold.

You have to go through a lot of real estate deals and in this process you should also analyze the quality and the quantity of the leads. Also you should keep in mind that you get income while you buy and America real estate property for sale.


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