Here are the Things to Look out for in your Real Estate Agent while Selling your Home

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Posted on February 2, 2017

Selling Your Home

Selling your home :

When you have decided to selling your home in Houston it can be very taxing. You have to regularly keep a property ready for showing it and should always be anxious as to whether your house will sell.

Here comes the role of the real estate agent. It becomes necessary to go for the right real estate agent in the process of selling your property. When you decide to select a real estate agent you should understand that every agent has varying personal characteristics, different approaches in marketing property etc.

What are the things that you should expect from a real estate agent at the time of selling off your property? Well, the following aspects are very necessary for a real estate agent so that you house is sold in a successful manner.

  • Honesty is the best policy and this applies to real estate agents too. Sometimes we will not be sure whether an agent is really honest. In this regard, you can clear your doubts by asking them the contact details of their latest sellers. But again, any past seller should be willing to give their contact information. You can also ask for testimonials from past clients. The key is that a real estate agent who is not able to give contact information of previous clients or testimonials, is not the right real estate agent to work with.
  • Professionalism is the most sought after trait in a real estate agent but some don’t possess it. What are the things that showcase that a wholesale real estate agent is having professionalism? Their image speaks a lot; while selling your home in Houston the agent should be well equipped and well dressed. The real estate agent should also give importance to the time of others.
  • The real estate agent should have high negotiations skills. He should also be cognizant of what to tell to a buyer’s representative and at what instance to say it. The seller’s real estate agent should talk for the seller. Also, people would like to stay away from conflicts.
  • No two properties possess the similar characteristics and hence every house should be promoted in their own unique way. Creativity plays an important role in selling your home and the real estate agent can use this trait in case of property description, dealing with advertisements etc. Real estate career is one career which is considered as easy by the general public but here also creativity should be used. Several real estate agents don’t use creativity, which is very important.
  • The sellers make the mistake of not thoroughly researching the experience and previous outcomes of the real estate agents. Sometimes a seller selects a real estate agent on the basis of being known to them through their best friends etc. But it’s better you get to know that the wholesale real estate agent is the best one by yourself. Don’t settle for the first real agent you come across. You can also get to know about how much deals they carry out in a year. Information about whether they are full time or part time agent would also be helpful. Question whether they have sold similar properties.
  • The real estate agent should not possess poor reputation. A successful agent will earn a great percentage of repeat and referral work. At the time of selling a house, you have to carry out research for the local real estate companies. Doing research for agents is also necessary. You can also get to know about the market share statistics from the real estate agent.The real estate agent should be well-equipped with these statistics.
  • When opting for a real estate agent for the purpose of selling your home, it’s essential to know the type of network they have. Are they in association with any real estate attorneys that they can tell you? Are they associated with mortgage consultants to refer to potential purchasers?
  • Selling your property can be taxing and when you don’t have regular communication with your real estate agent then it can aggravate the situation. You should not select a real estate agent with poor communication. It is very essential for a real estate agent to give feedback obtained from the purchaser’s real estate agent. This should be done in the right time. The real estate agent should be flexible enough to adapt to your desired communication way. Get to know details as to whether text messages can be made during business hours.
  • The real estate agent should be updated on the efficient and latest technology. You should know what technology tools these agents are making using of at the time of selling a home. There are certain real estate agents who are still following the old methods. By making use of technology a real estate agent can be more proficient and will possess sufficient time to spend on selling properties.  A simple example is that you can check whether a real estate agent takes good photos.
  • Even the most efficient real estate agent cannot sell an overpriced home. He may possess the best marketing plan but still he may not be able to sell it. Overpricing is the general mistake that sellers perform. A real estate agent should be well-equipped with both the older marketing procedures and the newer marketing procedures. While older marketing procedures include newspaper ads, television ads etc, newer marketing procedures include the own website of the real estate agent, their own blogspace etc. A real estate agent should also have a good online presence.


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