Is wholesaling a viable option for rental property investors?

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Posted on April 4, 2017

Rental property investors in tampa

Rental property investors :

In wholesaling, an individual purchases a property from a person who generally has title of the property through an agreement. Added to the cost you are also purchasing the property at a premium. The individual is not purchasing the property from a licensed broker or real estate agent.

Well in this regard one may wonder what is in favor of wholesaling. Though you are expending on a premium, you are being offered the property at a considerable discount. This discount is below the market price. So, one would consider purchasing from a wholesaler. Well, what are the things that makes one opt for the services of wholesalers? Besides the convenience factor (which means you needn’t worry about walking in the field for extended time, your dearth of experience will also drive you to seek the services of wholesalers.

Many people are unaware of what activities the wholesalers perform. Some may have had bad experiences with wholesalers. But some studies have revealed that wholesaling properties are having a quick sale. One would be curious to know what is in store for the wholesaling industry.

A typical wholesaler generally provides properties to the prospective rental property investors in tampa. These individuals can also be flippers in Phoenix real estate deals etc. Well, one may be curious to know at what price they offer the properties. They offer at a value that is less than the market value. What does the investor do?  He resells the property, possibly for a lucrative amount. He will even rent the property to some other individual. One should note that the investor can resell the specific property also on the retail scenario, mostly for a substantial income.

Are rental property investors in tampa the only individuals purchasing properties from wholesalers?
Rental property investors are those who generally purchase properties from wholesalers. But this doesn’t mean that they are the only people for whom buying wholesale properties proves viable. There are those regular homebuyers who don’t generally fret about doing their own rehab works. These individual can save a huge sum in the process. When there is demand for wholesale transactions, rehabbers can make use of wholesalers that can eventually sustain. Here then instead of endeavoring in marketing, you can make use of this option. In wholesaling, the key is to scout for discounted deals and it is better to give this difficult task to another person.

As far as buy and hold investors of rental house investors are concerned wholesaling seems to be an efficient option for them.  With the help of wholesalers they can concentrate on their good areas and handle the wholesaling task to the former.

What is it that makes the wholesaler sell at a discounted value?
One might be wondering why wholesalers provide real estate transactions at a whopping low price. This is particularly due to the reason that only that much time at the disposal of the wholesaler. Several wholesalers have carved a niche for themselves in scouting for and availing real estate transactions at a price that is much less than the market value.

One should understand that getting incredible Phoenix real estate deals real estate deals needs you to spend a lot of time. Besides it is costly. Here then, most landlords have considered procuring a property from a specialized wholesaler to be more affordable.

Some wholesalers are not cognizant of what they are carrying out and some are not concentrating on your requirements. Just like with any other person with whom you are associating for a real estate transaction you should exercise great prudence with your wholesalers.

You generally rely on the wholesaler for what to purchase and what not to purchase. In this regard, you can pose questions to them like the number of rental properties that they possess. You should also ensure that that the wholesalers are interested in the process that they are carrying out. In this way you can be cautious of what you are doing.


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