How to begin Real estate wholesale business?

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Posted on December 21, 2017

Houston Real estate business

What is wholesale real estate business? The wholesaler buys a property for low market price from owner and sells it to a final buyer for more profit. The wholesaler act as a middleman who benefits from the real estate deal in florida, when, final sale price is higher than the selling price.

The wholesaling real estate profit is the amount which set on top of the seller asking price. The wholesaler buys the property from seller for a less market price and add up the sale price. Then he finds a suitable buyer to sell his property. Once he finds a buyer successfully, he will sell the property for the final sale price and gets his profit amount.

Pros and cons of real estate wholesale business

Real estate wholesaling has lot of advantages, to mention a few,

  • Wholesaling is not a consuming job for seller and he can easily sell the property at high profit rate. They don’t have to search a potential buyer since the wholesaler does that job easily since they are smart in dealing with buyers and have years of experience.
  • With no or very small investment you can start doing this business. If you are a beginner who wants to start doing real estate then Houston real estate business is a better option.
  • Unlike rehabbing, flipping, buying or selling the properties, Houston real estate business is not a risky job. You need to find a house for low market value price and sell it for profit.
  • The real estate wholesaler do not need a contractor since he can sell the home as is. No repairs or renovation needed!
  • Throughout the process you will meet new investors, buyers and sellers who will help you in future business transaction process.
  • Being a wholesale real estate agent does not require any formal education and you don’t have to spend time on studying or educating yourself. You can learn everything through real time experience.
  • Unlike real estate agents. Whole sale realtors do not need license. You can work unlicensed which reduce the efforts needed in getting a proper license. Likewise real estate agents has to be enrolled in association and they are required to MLS fees. But wholesalers do not have to become a member in any association. They are free to work without being in a membership of any associations.

On a contrary there are also some disadvantages of real estate wholesale business, some of them are,

  • You need essential marketing and networking skills which helps you get going with the wholesale real estate business. If your marketing plan has flaws then there are chances that you are losing chances and money
  • Though wholesalers do not have to pay any association fees, they cannot afford the benefits of realtors association. They cannot access the database, training and seminars which are easily accessible to real estate agents. Hence it is necessary to do a ground work to collect the database and they should also educate themselves

Sometimes the marketing stuff may not work and you need to start everything from scratch. It require lot of patience, hard work and time if you are totally new to the market

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