Is Purchasing a House at Auction Worth it?

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Posted on December 30, 2016

Purchasing House at Auction

Purchasing house at auction :

One may be used only to the traditional modes of scouting for real estate listings.  Also one is accustomed to one particular way of associating with real estate agents. But getting a property is not limited only to this way. Those who possess good experience in Dallas real estate investments mostly buy properties at auctions. Purchasing house at auction is done by both professionals and inexperienced people.

Now we might want to know about the fundamentals of residential property auctions.  By this, you will be in a position whether this will be fruitful for you.

There are several processes involved prior to the property entering into auction. The first instance is when the householder skips paying his mortgage for months together. Here the bank typically files a notice called as notice of default. One thing to be noted is that if the householder refrains from paying the balance or sometimes talks terms of negotiation then the home is liable to be auctioned.

The second instance is when the owner stops paying the property taxes or is not law abiding. Here then, the tax authority only gets hold of the property.

The Process of Auction

Local government courthouses are the places where the auctions are conducted. It can also be done in different locations selected by auction companies. House auctions area also done online. In case of foreclosure auctions, it is carried out by trustees who are trusted by the bank. Local sheriffs carry out the tax lien auctions.

While in one type of auction the lender needn’t give a nod to your offer though your bid is the highest, in another type the highest bidder gets hold of the property and Dallas real estate investments.

As for foreclosure auction, the lender is not given the right to gain from the auction. In most cases, there is loss from the sale. In case there is profit it should go to the householder. This profit goes to the homeowner in the conclusion of the mortgage and also in case any other liens are concluded.

Open Houses are made available by some auction institutes. This helps the potential bidders to get to know the properties way ahead of time. There are also descriptions of the auctioning properties. By this the individuals will decide which properties to bid. This also helps in deciding the amount they want to pay.

A cashier’s check is required by the auction holder at the time of house auction. The bidders who bid the highest will give the auction fees and also give some earnest money (money deposited in good faith by the buyer).

Plus points

The main benefit that an individual can purchase a property at house auctionis that auctions typically provide the opportunity to buy some properties quickly in the first chance. You have the advantage of buying few great properties. The additional risk and the presence of less people will call for a lower price.

Minus points

  1. When a property comes for auction it implies the owner would have faced financial crisis. This leads to the fact that that the house might have deferred maintenance issues.
  2. Purchasing a property at auction has the possibility of requiring huge amount of cash.
  3. Sometimes, though you may be the winner, you will not be given the permission to buy the property.
  4. You will prefer home inspection for house auctionsbut ironically this is not the case in some auctioning.
  5. In some instances the previous owner will be still be living in the property implying you have the problem of dislodging them.

It’s better to opt for the auction that gives you permission to oversee the property prior to buying. Also you should be well-versed about the process and the nature of the properties. For those who want to explore and have the bent of mind, purchasing house at auction can prove to be fruitful one.

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