An insight into Certificate of occupancy and its requirements

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Posted on March 9, 2017

Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of occupancy (CO) also known as occupancy permit is an essential endorsement issued for a specific business or process. This piece of writing will throw some light on its pre-conditions and the process involved in it together with when itis required and so on.

Certificate of occupancy

A certificate of occupancy is nothing but an authorized document issued by a local legislative agency or by the city’s building and safety division, officially stating about a building’s assent, meaning approval for possession or occupancy with affiliation to building codes and other laws. To be more precise, documentation of a building’s compliance is what certificate of occupancy is all about. The main purpose of this certificate is to attest that, the building is in a habitable condition (suitable for residential use) according to the law. In general, such documentation is essential to be able to inhabit the structure for everyday use, simultaneously to be able to sign an agreement to sell the building and close on a credit for the space. Not all certificate of occupancy are the same and it shows a discrepancy depending on the type of structure and jurisdiction, with that said, there might be a change in the procedure and requirement of the certificate as well. Certificate of Occupancy or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is mandatory and without it, you may not be able to occupy a building legally. Talking about Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, it has its own specifications.

Process involved in CO

Issuance of this certificate typically takes 30 days to process and the building should meet up occupancy inspection requirements. Upon submittal of the same, there will be an inspection scheduling, where a lot of paper works will be done like reviewing of city permit records, internal and external inspection of the property and so on. Upon meeting all the set criteria’s, when there are no rectifications, this will be forwarded to the business license division. And they will issue the license together with the approved occupancy permit. Upon the receipt of pending fees, with a 2-3 turnaround time, it will be done; however, the license will not be issued until the business passes the occupancy inspection and is granted a Certificate of Occupancy by the Building and Safety Division. Having said all that, the building inspector may demand documentation or statements from various other practitioners involved in the building construction to authenticate that the work meets the terms with pertinent building legislation.  

When is Certificate of occupancy required?

To occupy a new home  new home for sale in West Florida without this document is an offense and a building permit will point out whether you have need of either an occupancy permit or an official document of final inspection in advance to the occupancy of a building.

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