Nate: The aspiring entrepreneur in Texas

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Posted on September 20, 2017

Entrepreneur in Texas

Nate Paul is a 30 year old real estate entrepreneur in Texas and CEO of World Class Capital group. He started his World Class Holding in the year 2007 in his name which has assets in 17 states primarily in Texas City worth $1 billion. His World Class Holding is 10 million square foot comprising of different ranges of commercial real estate like office space, retail. The net worth of the properties he owns is $800 million and he is expected to become a billionaire soon. He seeks the attention of his fellow men by wearing a suit.

Nate Paul was born in Victoria, entrepreneur in Texas who is an Indian-American. He attended University of Texas where he started his business career.

Paul started his career as an operator as well as an real estate investor in las vegas. In the initial stages of his real estate career he wanted some money for the initial investment, so joined hands with his father’s buddies who were obstetricians. His collaborations were with world class partnerships later earned him a huge capital which was used for the development of the World Class Holding. His key investments were in the heart of the Austin which accumulates to 6 million square foot.

To master the real estate skills, he started studying about foreclosed properties and attended auctions. After the first year in grad school, he discontinued. He rented a small space and started the business, naming it as World Class Capital. Along with the city booming in 2000’s, he also pursued his passion in his early 20’s.

In 2007, Paul acquired his first property which was 13 unit apartments worth 1.1 million dollars which he sold for $1.6 million. With the profit, in 2008 he bought a 5 unit home near University of Texas and pursued his grad school education as sophomore and managed his business simultaneously. In the end of 2008, he sold his apartment to meet the financial needs of his business. In 2009, he started Austin police retirement system. In 2011, he bought a shopping centre worth $3 million in Minneapolis. He worked intelligently on his portfolio by investing on storage. He made it to 35,000 storage units at last. In 2014, “Nate Paul” was the most searched phrase in the Austin Journal. His highest purchase was in the same year where he bought downtown Dallas skyscraper for 43 million dollars. He renovated it giving a sophisticated look, later it became the headquarters of 3 software companies.

Currently he is running an office in Manhattan along with his sister. His debt is used partially for recapitalization.

Even his contemporaries have given positive reviews about the spectacular accomplishments in the Austin market place. He is earning great returns from his investments. He remains to be an inspiration for many real estate investor in las vegas and Austin and his long term goal is to see his state enjoying the liberty of no income tax.

“While everyone was going vertical, I went horizontal “– Nate Paul

Paul is considered to be an icon among the millennials and a geek in the real estate world.

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