Why to Invest in South Florida Real Estate?

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Posted on December 27, 2016

Investing South Florida

Invest in South Florida Real Estate :

This is the right time for South Florida real estate since prices will see a rise in the following few years. South Florida is liable to boom that crop up from investment aspirations. Florida housing is always seeing a great demand. But the question of the day is whether it is growing at a slow or swift ratecompared to  the supply.

Miami has a varied economy and its finance sector is also of paramount significance. When you move up towards the coast, more jobs are found in the retail sectors. Healthcare is providing many jobs in Broward, Miami and Palm Beach counties. It is also seeing a great boom in the three counties.

Home prices saw a solid surge in the past three years i.e they went up by 40 percent. However, the question is what percent of this 40 percent was assumed from foreclosed condos?  How much was got from demand that is not speculation?

We have solid reasons to hope that from now we are hoping for prices shooting up than they are supposed to. This is mainly in the case of Broward County; a small boom that will vanish after some years. In case you are thinking of South Florida real estate purchasing for the long term then this is the suitable time. In case you are opting for a short-term investment then you should be extra careful.

It should be noted that over half of the house properties in Miami county are renters. Also the present healthcare and retail sector provide low salaries and this will result in the rise of renting population. In urban places you find reason in purchasing a single-family property and then divide it into rental property investments. Apartments are a prudent option in Miami and it comes with the apt price.

At this point mortgages are something that is not advisable; home prices will see a surge in the coming years; the equity level for fresh mortgages will see a rise quickly. Actually, prices are seeing a quite definite surge in Broward and Miami Dade. Lenders should refrain from big loan-to-value mortgages at this point of time. This also applies for construction loans; any new schemes should be financed very diligently.

Population is seeing a slower growth rate in Miami, and is growing fast as one goes up the coast.

The scope of investments in retail sectors and hotels is great in Palm Beach County, in this county the demand has developed in a swift manner in the past couple of years. The average profit is also the greatest. Though all the three counties need office space for the rising number of healthcare employees Palm Beach need it the most.


Single family rental property investments give promise in Broward County. As for Miami Dade apartments are the best option. Though the prices may see a surge mortgages have greater risk. Palm Beach County is most suited for retail/restaurant investments and also Invest in South Florida Real Estate. This county is in requirement of healthcare space for the shooting number of healthcare employees.

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