A look at how to finance a Multifamily Property with No Money Down

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Posted on November 27, 2017

multifamily property

Multifamily property is one of the most powerful investment avenues that provide numerous benefits. While there are several positive things like easier management, great tax breaks, and much more, the best part about multifamily investing is that, your chances of creating surprising and consistent cash flow month after month are really high.  

The challenge here is getting a down payment and if you are low on funds, you might be speculating if it is really possible to finance a multifamily property with little or no down payment. Well, don’t fret investing is not beyond your reach even if you are running short of reserves. This piece of writing will bring out the tricks of how to finance a multifamily property with no money down.

  • Private money – Private money lenders can help you in a great way when you don’t the funds for a down payment. Just as with single-family properties, these people don’t have to be linked to an investment firm, but they can be found within your existing social network they are your family, friends, and colleagues and so on. You may be wondering why somebody in your set of connections would give you money, You may be wondering why somebody in your set of connections would give you money; the prospect of a healthier return than many are getting from the retirement account can make it a factor to help. It all depends on how you handle them.
  • Equity shares – Compared to a private money lender, working with an equity share investor is quite different, while you are promising only a regular return with a private money lender, when it comes to equity share investor, you will be giving them a portion of the equity of a property in exchange for the funds needed for a down payment in buying multifamily real estate and buying foreclosed homes in Indianapolis.
  • Material sales – This is not possible to pull off in all cases, but is doable only if a property contains valuable   natural (or manufactured) resources that can be sold, upon purchase of a property, to help generate a down payment.
  • Hard money – Hard money lenders are none other than the private individuals and small organizations that lend money to borrowers based on a property’s overall worth or value.
  • Repair allowance – This is one of the most powerful ways to generate funds for your multifamily property down payment. Let us have a look at how this works, during property inspection you will make a list of what repairs need to be done and then if the seller agrees to the transaction, buying foreclosed homes in Indianapolis, there are two choices for you, one is to do the repairs yourself, second is to have a team of contractors with whom you have come in contact with the previous deals or worked in the past. In the second choice you will be given a discount on labor and material costs of the repair which you can put toward your down payment if the first choice is not an ideal solution because not all are experts in home repair.

Having said all that, by exploring more and reaching out to the network, you might find avenues for multifamily investing that you on no account thought would be possible.

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