Hawaii investment property sale – Get your house sold quickly in Hawaii

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Posted on February 8, 2018

Hawaii investment property sale

Selling the investment property can be daunting task if it is not properly planned and executed. Since it has lot of capitalization and tax issues, the investment property sale requires you to work hard and spend more time on it. Worried about how to do it? Here are the few basic guidelines which helps you with the smooth process of Hawaii investment property sale.

Reason behind the sale

Before stepping on to the sale process, let us first analyze the reasons for selling the investment properties. The rental property owner might decided to move on to the new location and sell his property to someone else. The property owner might have planned to buy a different investment property in a new place. Sometimes the rental properties might not give the investors sufficient cash flow to maintain the property and they may sell it and move on to other investment methods. Whatever might be the reason, you have to go through lot of processes like taxation and capital issues.

The changes in neighborhood are also the major cause for investment property sale. The investor might have made more cash when the property had a desirable neighborhood. But now it may decline slowly and he wants to buy a new property with the cash.

Some other reasons for selling is, the property gets too old and need a massive renovation and fix ups. The owner may not have the money to invest on repair and tries to sell it to someone.

Internal Revenue Code Section 1031

You have to go through the large tax bill while selling your Hawaii investment property. Unlike selling ordinary houses which has been used for personal purposes, selling the investment property incurs additional taxes. You should owe the capital gains taxes for the depreciation value of the property too.

To avoid such instances you can use the Internal revenue code section 1031. This will help you to avoid paying the tax on gains and you can reinvest the money in buying another investment property. But you have to choose another property within 45 days of sale and complete all the transaction within 6 months of period.

It has some drawbacks like you have to find a property within such a short duration. Many sellers plan it accordingly, that is, if they have decided to sell their investment property, they start searching for the properties to invest on.

Bottom Line

Selling the investment property might be a tedious process but it can become a fruitful sale if you learn some real estate hacks. You can advertise online to search for the potential buyers for Hawaii investment property sale. Learn negotiation skills which are mandatory while dealing with the smart buyers. If you are selling the rental properties then make sure there are some tenants residing in, so that you can convince the buyer that they don’t have to search for the tenants. If the property is already occupied by the tenants, then the buyers can get cash flow income easily which is an added advantage in the sale.

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