The ultimate guide to avoid buying a wrong home for first-time home-buyers

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Posted on November 6, 2017

Harlem home buyer

If you are Harlem home buyer finding yourself in an unusual situation and wanted to avoid buying the wrong home. Then this article is for you. Listed below are some of the ways through which you can avoid buying the wrong house, that too in a market that is highly competitive.

  • Hire the services of a professional and trusted agent: Bringing into play the services of a trusted agent means you will have access to all useful information which is otherwise hard to get, especially the MLS (multiple listing service). Apart from offering the necessary information, a trusted agent will help the buyer prepare the strongest offer. This is possible only if you select a trusted agent, so if your agent is not ready to discuss options before you are all set to buy, find another agent.
  • Analyze the neighborhood: Before you get into this wholeheartedly and make sure that you travel around and drill down into neighborhoods. Instead of researching online, take the home tour and test the commute time, in case if the commute time from locations matters to you. Narrow down your search to the specific house or Downtown vancouver real estate market, when you are done choosing the neighborhood.
  • Go for a professional home inspection: In some areas, you will be asked to sign a contract to buy the house in as-is condition, but with the right to go for the inspection, which means the seller is not likely to make the repairs. However, you can withdraw from the deal depending on what the inspection reveals. During the inspection you need to ponder on certain things that are highly important and it includes the condition of the roof, ceiling, plumbing, electrical system and heating and air conditioning system. With that said, make sure that you also mull over on foundation problems, water damage or termites. You can also use the inspection contingency to withdraw from the contract, even if you don’t come across any major problems.

Understand the market and know your budget: Well, these two are quite intricate; let’s discuss one at a time. Talking about the housing budget, the more the features, the more the money, having said that, you could also encounter a situation where you have to offer more than the asking price, so make sure that you set a maximum amount that you are willing to spend and go by it. Coming to the market, be on familiar terms with what types and sizes of homes are common in your favored regions. When you are aware of it, it will help you know when you take a home tour, whether you can look forward to a house of similar type that meets all your needs to come along soon after. In addition, you also wanted to know how fast the homes are selling, whether it is for over asking price and what the sale price per square foot is.

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