The goal of real estate wholesaling and how to profit from Wholesale Real Estate deal?

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Posted on April 7, 2017

Real estate wholesaling

What is real estate wholesaling?

Similar to the concept of flipping, in simple, real estate wholesaling is nothing but getting in, getting out, and getting paid, with that said, it involves little less work and shorter time frame. To make more cash with real estate involving less risk, investors choose wholesaling; in general, it involves all the leg work to uncover under market deals and get them under contract and then you hand over them to someone else for a payment. Apart from that, it also involves less risk.  

Goal of real estate wholesaling:

The most important aspect involved in wholesale real estate deal Houston is the addition of a contingency to the purchase contract. It lets the wholesaler to withdraw in case if he is not able to find a buyer for the property before the expected closing date. This factors acts as a constraint for the wholesaler’s risk. In view of the fact that, the wholesaler by no means purchases a home, this deal is less unsafe compared to that of flipping, as in flipping, you are not only involved in renovation costs but also carrying costs. Besides, it also entails very less capital when compared to flipping. Usually, only an adequate amount of money payments are done on a few properties that is satisfactory for wholesaling. Accomplishment in a wholesale real estate deal Houston completely depends on the knowledge of the market and association with investors for quick sales.  

How to cash in and build wholesale buyers list?

  • Bandit signs– This is an effective strategy, placing it around the neighborhood of the property is said to help. In case if you are planning to go for bandit signs, you need to check with your local ordinances as some areas have certain restrictions. By this means, you can expand your buyers list.
  • Look for latest cash sales in MLS– In order to find out the active cash buyers in your neighborhood, you can do your own research on the MLS for latest cash sales. As soon as you get the list of houses recently sold for cash, you need to be finding out the properties and discuss in person with them to find out if they are looking for more homes in the area. Besides you can also get an idea as on what type of deal they would be interested in. By this means, you can add up at least one or two quality buyers to your list of real estate wholesaling. 
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