Struggling to Find Wholesale Properties to Buy or Pass to Cash Buyers? Here’s the Solution!

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Posted on December 9, 2016

Cash buyers in real estate

Cash buyers in real estate :

We have all been there, in a position where we don’t know how find the right wholesale properties in Atlanta to buy or pass on to cash buyers because there’s a lot of unlisted properties lying out there in the market and how on Earth are you even supposed to find it? Well here’s how!

“Networking” yes that’s it but I just complete an article with a single word answer right? So let me expand it a little for your convenience.

Next time when you meet people and talk to people just casually bring up the topic of buying or passing wholesale properties you might never know from which source you might find a motivated buyer or seller because let’s face it nobody is going to give a blunt “no” straight to your face.  For example here are a list of people with whom you can talk about this,

•    Barbers & Hairstylist
•    Bartenders
•    Mail Delivery Drivers
•    Utility Workers – Electric, Gas, & Water
•    Mortgage Brokers
•    Credit Repair Companies
•    Hospice Nurses & Organizations
•    Funeral Directors & Estate Planners
•    Home Insurance & Medicare Insurance Agents
•    Disaster Restoration Companies
•    Surveyors
•    Food Delivery & Other Delivery
•    Mediation Companies
•    Landscapers & Lawn Care

This is just a small list of people with whom you can network with and of course there are many other people with whom you can discuss about wholesale properties in Atlanta but the key is to network and this process would go much smoothly if you willing to give a referral fee to the people who help you out, in time you’ll amass contacts who can help you crack deals that ends up providing you with a steady inflow and also an advantage over your competition for cash buyers in real estate.

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