How to know if multifamily property investing is for you?

multifamily property investing

Change is the only permanent thing and most people are afraid of it, especially real estate inves...

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Tips to make your bank say Yes to your REO offer

bank say yes to your reo offer

Reo properties are nothing but those that have been reclaimed by the original lender i.e. the ban...

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A look at how to finance a Multifamily Property with No Money Down

finance a multifamily property with no money down

Multifamily investing is one of the most powerful investment avenues that provide numerous benefi...

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Add value to your house with these important home improvement tips

home improvement tips

Maximizing the value of a home is the main intention of all homeowners. Some wait for the land va...

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Are you a first time investor – Break these habits to be successful

first time investor break these habits to be successful

Serious wealth creation in the field of real estate requires a lot of things than money alone. Le...

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Qualities of a successful real estate agent

qualities of successful real estate agent

More than two people come into play in the world of real estate, in order to perform their own er...

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Why your rental property is vacant? Reasons and solutions!

Why your rental property is vacant

If your rental property is sitting on the market week after week and month after month, then you ...

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An overview about when is the right time to buy a house

When is the right time to buy a house

There are several hindrances that we face while embarking on a new adventure and perfection is th...

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A look into types of properties you can wholesale and where to find them!

Types of Properties you can Wholesale

Real estate wholesaling is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get into the world of real esta...

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Cash or loan which is best for real estate investing?

Cash or Loan Which is Best for Real Estate

To use cash or loan for investing is one of the longstanding debates in the real estate industry....

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